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Prodution of Caves

Caves are cast, dried, finished and fired on a 4-5 day cycle. This allows us to use waste heat from kiln to assist in production.

Dimensions, shapes and colour WILL vary as it’s a hand-made product.

CAVE ORDERS are made upon ORDERING and therefore take 4-5 days + postage time. 



Please note Economy delivery times are the longest @ 7+ days

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UK Postage price varies due to service chosen, parcel size and weight.


Time Line of Caves made to order.

WINTER TIMETABLE – caves take longer to dry (1 day)

Day 1: Caves are cast into plaster moulds, after 30 mins excess casting slip is poured out and cave allowed to set overnight.

Day 2: Released from mould and allowed to air dry for remainder of day.

Day 3: Caves are Hand finished, ready to be fired.

Day 3-4:  Overnight Kiln fired for 4-7 hours  at around 1120 degrees, then approx a 6 hour Cool down period.

Day 4-5: Removed from KILN and checked, packed and Delivery Booked (for next weekday collection).